Divorce & Family Law

With our high standard of client care and quality, offering practical solutions to all areas of family law, we can provide an efficient cost effective alternative to the Birmingham City Centre firms. We have a sophisticated modern approach and the accessibility of a convenient location. We can help you if you want/need to: –

  • Obtain a divorce.
  • Sort out arrangements for your children.
  • Settle financial matters upon divorce.
  • Obtain a pre-nuptial agreement.
  • Have a separation agreement prepared.
  • Sort out financial matters following the end of a co-habitation.
  • Seek an injunction.
  • Deal with matters upon a collaborative basis.

We are able to offer a fixed fee for undertaking divorce proceedings. We charge £750.00 plus VAT together with Court fees of £550.00, for representing a Petitioner (the person who applies for the divorce) upon divorce and £400.00 plus VAT for representing a Respondent (the person who responds to the divorce) in respect of a divorce.

There will be an additional charge in respect of sorting out any arrangements for the children or financial matters.

We can also offer a pay as you go service, where you only pay for a series of appointments rather than our conducting the whole of the case for you.

We are able to deal with matters upon a collaborative basis. Collaborative law is about clients reaching solutions together, where the lawyers sit down with the clients to work out their problems face to face. It provides an alternative to the traditional way solicitors have dealt with family issues and avoiding the costs of Court proceedings, gives clients a greater control over the whole process.

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