Divorce Case Study

Contact arrangements

Carvers acted for George. His 6 year old son Edward lived with his mother and George was unable to agree contact arrangements as at times Edward’s mother would not allow him to have any contact with Edward. George made a Court application for a contact order assisted by Carvers and now has regular contact with Edward each weekend from Friday until Monday morning during term time and one half of the school holidays.

Financial matters

Carvers acted for Joan in respect of complex financial matters following her divorce and dealing with four properties, her husband having a substantial pension scheme and other additional capital. Carvers obtained an order by agreement in negotiations with husband’s solicitors, without the need of any Court application to secure property and a lump sum payment to ensure that Joan was financially secure for the rest of her life.

Pre-nuptial agreement

Carvers represented Collette in respect of a pre-nuptial agreement to ensure that her own and her future husband’s assets, which they had acquired prior to marriage, including following their first marriages, would not be claimed by the other if their marriage failed, which gave them the peace of mind and security when entering into their new marriage.

Sale of that property

Carvers helped Martin in respect of a house that he owned with his former partner, to whom he was not married, agree arrangements for the sale of that property and the division of its proceeds on sale.

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