Personal Injury Case Study

Case Study 1

A professional client’s business was faced with a claim of several thousands of pounds, in respect of symptoms from a back injury, alleged to have been sustained on our client’s premises.

Upon investigation of the injured person’s medical history it was clear he had been involved in a serious accident previously. The medical evidence confirmed that the injured person’s ongoing back problems were as a result of his previous accident and the matter settled for less than £1,000.00 for the injury – saving our client a considerable sum in respect of the settlement award and costs

Case Study 2

Jean approached us, having slipped on liquid on the floor in the Reception area of a Hospital Maternity ward – whilst visiting her heavily pregnant daughter. We recovered a total of £10,500.00 for her in respect of the injury to her knee and other losses. We believe that our action identified a flaw in the cleaning regime in that area of the hospital (which was also used by the pregnant patients) which was subsequently rectified – making the area safe for both visitors and patients.

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